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On a budget and love live theatre?
We need you!  We are always looking for ushers.
Volunteer as an usher and see the show for free!  Email OCTP
at with your name, email address and phone number and we can put your name on our usher list to be contacted for upcoming shows.

Are you an actor or theatre artist?
Contact us.  We are always looking for people to join us.  Send your headshot/resume to

Looking for something to do besides acting?
We need ushers for upcoming shows.  But that is not all!
Contact us at if you would like to get involved, and let us know your interests.



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  1. I want to thank Sarah and the cast of The Bald Soprano for meeting with my students following the opening-night performance (10.11) of The Bald Soprano. The actors offered a range of thoughts on the play, good advice on approaches to memorization, and Robert Hawkes’ comment on “brute force,” rang true for everyone. This quality performance helped broaden our perspective on the range of Theatre of the Absurd, as it added to our understanding of Esslin readings on “The Origins and Significance of the Absurd,” Beckett and Ionesco, as well as the Soprano, which we had read. Thanks for a fun, informative evening.

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